The Mine

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Discover your Midas Touch today, with our fast-track training session that will expose you to the fundamental principles the rich use to create wealth for themselves and their families


  • Learn to take 100% responsibility of your earnings
  • Learn cash flow management strategies
  • Unlock the money code
  • Learn to banish unwanted debt for life
  • And discover the secrets of wealth creation

Requirements: Be driven to succeed financially

Duration: 2 hours of classroom session

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The Bullion



This is a 4 week training in Money & Resources Management that will increase your awareness in finances by exposing you to core principles that will help you to start the journey towards financial independence.


Free 360

Requirements: Be driven to succeed financially and have a passion to build a successful life

Duration: 4 weeks (2 hours of online session weekly)

The Vault



This is a 12 month program that will improve your knowledge in finances, business and investment by exposing you to the principles of wealth creation. This program brings the added flavor of a personal coach who will help you to apply the fundamentals and create wealth.


Free 150

Requirements: Be driven to succeed financially, have a passion to build a successful business, and be willing to develop an investor mentality

Duration: 12 months (Unlimited coaching, 2 hours of classroom session monthly)



Elite Leaders International™ provides financial wellness training programs for entrepreneurs and the general public. Elite Leaders International™ has carved out a niche in the education industry that offers training solutions that are up to 90 percent practical hence resulting in a transformational process, which is marketed as the journey of a self-made millionaire, “from the Mine to the Vault.”


To be the foremost Personal Development Resource Centre Internationally, focused on helping individuals unlock their true potential from a holistic perspective, hence unleashing their innate abilities and achieving success.


To train and develop over 100,000 persons globally by 2030 in areas of Cashflow Management, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Leadership, Sales and Marketing by providing an Elite Business System.


  • We provide financial wellness training programs for entrepreneurs and the general public, which are up to 90 percent practical.
  • We transform the mentality of our students to think and act like investors instead of employees or self-employees, which we accomplish through our personal coaching.
  • We believe if people of developing countries change their thinking, they will change their destiny, create sustainable businesses and make sound investment decisions that will benefit their families and by extension their country.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Elite Leaders International™ presently offers a suite of training programs called The Elite Gold Mine™ Training Programs, which involves A free 2-hour financial wellness program for individuals dubbed The Mine™, A 4-week financial and business wellness program called The Bullion™ and A 12 months financial, business and investor wellness program for individuals dubbed The Vault™
Our programs are developed by our Product Development & Certification Division through conducting interviews and research on several successful entrepreneurs, investors, business professionals and companies internationally. The information garnered is then compiled and customized, for each franchise
Presently, Elite Leaders Jamaica Limited is the only franchise operating under the Elite Leaders International™ brand and offering Elite Leaders International™ programs.
No. Elite Leaders International, Inc. is not a multi-level marketing company. It is a company incorporated to offer educational products through its franchises and the internet.
Yes, Elite Leaders Jamaica Ltd. is registered as a limited liability company in Jamaica and offers educational products and services on behalf of Elite Leaders International, Inc.

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